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my teacher just said van gogh was the 19th century version of instagram


“hay guise trimmed ma beard lol”


“omg guise just tidied ma room”


“omg guise look at dis view, no filter xoxox”


“chilling in da club”



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“I define beauty as bliss. As a runner, performer, and writer, I have been fascinated with happiness ever since my mom committed suicide. At four years old, I tried to comprehend how anybody could be so sad — and took it upon myself to become a beacon of happiness. I could not be more thankful for my admirable and brave dad and brother— my brother taught me how to shave my legs— but I did not grow into woman as my childhood self understood woman. Beauty was something I’d discover on my own.”

-Alexi Pappas

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Look at the delicious & healthy snack I just made! Spicy sweet potato fries with chipotle pepper seasoning. YUM! 

Craving spicy fries and a burger right now.  

Reflection on Tuesdays With Morrie

Just finished reading Tuesdays with Morrie and I’m inspired.

Here are some lessons I learned from his story:

- Love is the only rational act.

- Detachment is necessary in dealing with emotions but only after fully feeling that emotion first.

-Full attention makes life rich; many are stuck in a sleep-like state their whole lives.

-Many revert to physical escape as a way to “get away” from things they don’t like.  One can create their own subculture within any mass culture; every culture, no matter where you are, will have its problems.

-One should set aside a little time for their own self mourning, if self pity be necessary.  Other than that, there are many others that need help much more, and giving that help will give oneself a much better sense of importance and impact on others than self pity will.  The relationships you create define the importance you have and the impact you make on the Earth after you leave.

I’ve been reflecting on this for the past few days and I want to work to exemplify what Morrie stood for.  After all, the book was written in hopes of that very act.  To let the young know this wisdom to better use their time, effort, and love.